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About Us

no brainerSorry, this "About Us" is going to be an "About Me", I will get to the point quickly. I have an incredibly simple equation that keeps my clients around for years (and keeps me in business for years). My clients make more money from me than I make from them. That's it!

The birth of a philosophy:
One of my first jobs in the corporate world was as an illustrator for a robotics company. I asked myself how long are these people going to keep me around drawing diagrams and parts all day??? How does that pay for itself? Well whether it did or not I was not about to take any chances. I became aware that a small fortune was leaving our building and ended up with an outside creative agency. I saw my opportunity and sought to plug that hole as quickly as possible. With an obsession I established an in-house multimedia department and put an end to that flood of money and perhaps secured my position. Anyway I became a valuable member of the marketing team and could at that point definitively prove my value, the company made more from me than I made from them.

If you hire me, you will make more from my services than you pay me, and I will throw in creative services as well. It is the ultimate business "no brainer".

Andy Durban

3D Animation Nestle Corp.

IT Man - Computer Associates
IT Man 3D Animation - Computer Associates